Compressed air vacuum cleaner DDS 129-ÖL-Späne CHILI.

Shipping time: 2 Weeks
Product no.: DD-GHWDDS-129-5/23-EX-CHILI
ATEX Zonefor zone: 21 (2D)Certified for dust zone 21, 22 (3D)Certified for Dust zone 22
Manufacturer: DEBUS Druckluft- Vakuumtechnik
5.666,50 EUR
19 % VAT plus. excl. Shipping costs

Suction unit, type 5/23, made of sheet steel, Venturi mounted vertically, with silencer size 4/96.

Technical data (at 6 bar):
Intake air max.: 280 m³/h
Air consumption: 80 Nm³/h
negative pressure max.: 340 mbar
Compressed air connection: ½"
Filter system with two STAINLESS STEEL knitted wire mesh Ø 200 mm (Type 300/600) as a droplet separator. Tangential suction nozzle Alu-Storz-C coupling. Integrated
Separation funnel as cyclone pre-separator for the Protection of the filter device.
60 litre collection container made of sheet steel, with ¾" drain ball valve for emptying the
Liquids, seals oil-resistant.
40 litre swarf basket made of perforated sheet metal with 3 mm
Round holes incl. float.
Chassis with stable releasing device for the Raising and lowering the collecting hopper below the filter container. With two electrostatically conductive fixed and two electrostatically conductive Swivel castors with parking brake, wheel Ø 160 mm. The design corresponds to the European Machine directives and the device bear the CE mark.
Suitable for ATEX Zone 21/22 - Compressed air drive without ignition source
Rollers and containers are electrostatically conductive.
Including earthing cable and earthing clamp. All steel parts plastic coated according to 681TE. 90054 C10 DURA pol / deep matt / fine structure.

Including accessories NW38-AS-CHILI:
- 3 m PEM suction hose light AS
- 1 x PEM hose end piece AS
- 1 x EL hand tube Stainless steel bent on both sides AS
- 1 x EL-Alu floor nozzle with PES+MS bristles incl. Rollers 400 mm AS
- 1 x EL rubber wide nozzle oil resistant Rubber incl. Stainless steel hose connection AS
- 1 x PVC-EL round brush oil-resistant. Rubber with PES+MS bristles, Ø 100mm AS

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