ID ALPHA EX 24 three phase 400 V

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Product no.: OT-ID-ALPHA-EX-24-3P
ATEX Zonefor zone: 1 (2G)Certified for gas zone 1, 2 (3G)Certified for gas zone 2
ATEX temperature class: T1> 450 °C, T2> 300 bis ≤ 450 °C, T3> 200 bis ≤ 300 °C, T4> 135 bis ≤ 200 °C, T6> 100 bis ≤ 135 °C
ATEX device group
Group I: Equipment for use in mining / overground / underground operations
Group II: Equipment for use in potentially explosive gas atmospheres
Group III: Equipment for use in potentially explosive dust atmospheres
IIAPropane> 180μJ, IIBEthylene 60 ... 180μJ, IICHydrogen <60μJ


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with 5 meters of cable
Pumping of liquids and extraction of leachate in landfill, drainage of contaminated fluids and groundwater.
The ATEX pumps in conformity with 2014/34/UE Directive can be installed in potentially explosive atmospheres according to the marking explained in the technical details.

. Multistage centrifugal electric submersible pumps for 4” wells characterized by a floating impellers system that allows the pumping of leachate and charged liquid with small solid bodies.
. External pump case, delivery port, suction port, shaft and other components in stainless steel.
. Impellers and diffusers in special technopolymer with ceramic inserts at wear point.
. The check valve made of stainless steel is installed inside the delivery head.
. Temperature of pumped liquid: max +40 °C.
. Available in AISI 316 version.

. 2 poles asynchronous motor, 50 Hz, 2850 rpm.
. Class F insulation.
. IP68 protection.
. Working voltage: 400 V

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