Tab-Ex 03 DZ1 WWAN EUR Andoird OS, with camera and 512 GB SD

Shipping time: On demand
Product no.: EC-480989-100003
MPN: 480989-100003
ATEX Zonefor zone: 1 (2G)Certified for gas zone 1, 2 (3G)Certified for gas zone 2, 21 (2D)Certified for dust zone 21, 22 (3D)Certified for Dust zone 22
ATEX temperature class: T1> 450 °C, T2> 300 bis ≤ 450 °C, T3> 200 bis ≤ 300 °C, T4> 135 bis ≤ 200 °C, T5> 100 bis ≤ 135 °C, T6> 85 bis ≤ 100 °C
ATEX device group
Group I: Equipment for use in mining / overground / underground operations
Group II: Equipment for use in potentially explosive gas atmospheres
Group III: Equipment for use in potentially explosive dust atmospheres
IIAPropane> 180μJ, IIBEthylene 60 ... 180μJ, IICHydrogen <60μJ, IIIAflammable fluff, IIIBnon-conductive dust, IIICconductive dust
Art: 4G/LTE, with Camera


Manufacturer: ecom instruments / Pepperl+Fuchs
3.583,70 EUR
19 % VAT plus. excl. Shipping costs

The robust, extremely safe Zone 1/21 & Division 1 ATEX tablet Tab-Ex® 03 DZ1, developed for potentially explosive atmospheres, continues the success story with the 3rd generation of the 8" Tab-Ex® series.

The Tab-Ex® 03 DZ1 impresses with its slim, lightweight design and a new powerful operating system. The Samsung DeX function transforms the compact tablet into a complete desktop computer and additional accessories, peripherals, digital products and services ensure maximum flexibility.


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