ATEX Digital Camera – ARMADEX Ex-M OZC 3

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Product no.: AX-EX.M OZC 3
ATEX Zonefor zone: 2 (3G)Certified for gas zone 2
ATEX temperature class: T1> 450 °C, T2> 300 bis ≤ 450 °C, T3> 200 bis ≤ 300 °C, T4> 135 bis ≤ 200 °C
ATEX device group
Group I: Equipment for use in mining / overground / underground operations
Group II: Equipment for use in potentially explosive gas atmospheres
Group III: Equipment for use in potentially explosive dust atmospheres
IIAPropane> 180μJ, IIBEthylene 60 ... 180μJ, IICHydrogen <60μJ


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The ARMADEX Ex-M OZC 3 is the only explosion proof camera boasting a 4x optical zoom. Designed for ATEX Zone 2 (Gas) environments, this camera merges compact durability with high functionality. It withstands drops up to 2.1m, operates down to -10 degrees Celsius, and resists dust intrusion.

The OZC 3 is a modified version of the TG-7, in collaboration with OM System.

This camera excels in hazardous areas, offering specialized shooting modes for low light and dusty environments (construction mode), alongside a mode tailored for clear capturing labels. Ideal for maintenance and inspection tasks, it’s engineered for precision and safety.

Note: ATEX Regulations necessitate the xenon flash tube’s deactivation, but the LED flash remains operational, ensuring visibility and functionality.

The camera is supplied without a memory card. SD memory cards according to the UHS-I and UHS-II standard up to 1 TB are supported.


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